The Reality of Finding A Job

I just thought of writing about one of the new chapter (finding a job) in anyone’s life because I have so many experiences to share about it. So, to start, I graduated last May 2013. I graduated with an art major. Yes, that’s right. How am I suppose to find a job when I “only” finished a degree in art? Whew! That’s tough! To tell you the truth, before I started college, I really didn’t know what I truly want. I was not even sure if I still wanted to study but of course, living here in the Philippines requires you to have a college degree to find a decent paying job. And so, I went to college and took the art course (By the way, it’s a four-year course). I had no idea why I took that course. I just went on with it. 2nd Year, I thought I could shift to a Communications or Business Course but I didn’t (I really don’t know why. Sigh!).

Gladly, without any knowledge about art I finished the art course and had a college degree. It was a fun ride. I learned a lot. I met amazing people. My teachers were great, my classmates were the best. I even found my best of friends during my college days. I could say that in those four years, I learned a lot that many people may not know about even if you are a doctor or a lawyer and that’s what makes me special.

After college, the first thing to do is to find a job, right? Well, I rested for a couple of months and had a job at a Call Center. I didn’t survive the graveyard shift so I quit. Then, I went to contractual jobs like teaching two American kids, working at a Law Firm, jobs working at a real estate company. Experience? Yes, I got a lot. But I never really had the chance to use my degree, right? What I am saying is that for you to be able to easily find a job, you better be from one of the top schools or just have a business course in administration, marketing, or management.

I have been unemployed for the last six months. Yes! That’s a long rest. I really want to work now but it’s hard to find a job. It’s easy if you don’t mind the location, the salary, the schedule, or the job itself. There are a lot of jobs but there are jobs that are not for you and a lot that you do not want. I want to have a job that I would like and would love to do. I want to be happy going to work. Oh no! That only happens to some. A lot of people have jobs they don’t like. They just need to be able to sustain life and provide food for the table. You have to grab every opportunity that comes a long. It may not pay well, it may not be your dream job but it’s life, you have to survive. And for you to survive, you have to work.


I’ve been going to interviews and answering job applications to much for one lifetime. I send my applications online. Some people do “walk-in” applications but that’s not my stuff (It’s hot here in the Philippines and when it rains, it pours. HAHA!) Maybe it’s because I want something that pays well. I don’t have my own family but I would like to be able to enjoy my life before any plans of having my own. I would also love to share some of my earnings with my family, just to make them feel loved and special. I am also a very picky person when it comes to work location, I don’t like commuting (If you could only experience commuting here in Manila, you’ll know what I mean.). I don’t like to be so far away from home. I want to be able to go home without getting into too much traffic and people. I am also very concerned about the schedule. I would love to work but not graveyard shifts. I would love to work the regular hours of the day. 8 hours every day, with the sun. Where is that perfect job? It may exist. Maybe I could have it one day or not. Maybe it could be a long time or not. No one can ever know. It’s up to you to decide where you want your life and career to go.


There are a lot more factors that I could share with you in finding a job but the best thing you can do is do what you want. After all, that’s what you are going to do in your life and I am sure you’ll do well if you love your job. Be hardworking and work from there. Be successful. Be happy.

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“Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it.”

Katherine Whitehorn

This blog is written for students and job seekers.


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